Onboarding Video Breakdown - June 2023

You can find the onboarding video in your welcome email.





1-5 Min: Welcome + First Launch of MSP Portal 

6 Min: White Labeling and other MSP Portal functionality **Only add your admins to the MSP portal - clients should be added within the Tenant Portal**

8 Min: First tenant launch (typically self)

9 Min: User roles + Admin Settings (Knowledge Base article User Roles)

***Setup: Quick Start Guide + First Framework***

11 Min: Quick Start Guide + First Framework

16-18 Min: Framework Walkthru + Objectives

20 Min: Assessments 

***ControlMap Walkthrough by Function***

29 Min: Control Sets (Advanced: Assessments + Framework Objectives typically used and Control Sets are backend but this section helps show how it all maps together)

38 Min: Risks (Risk Scoring and Risk Register)

45 Min: Vendors (Vendor Risk Management / Vendor Risk Assessment)

51 Min: Policies + Documents Section + Procedures + Governance (delegate and manage versions, template library etc.)

57 min: Evidence + Evidence Requests + Evidence Library

1hr 03min: Employees + Compliance Portal

1hr 04min: Integrations + Compliance Checks

1hr 07min: Audit function (3rd party auditors)

1hr 11min: Trust Portal

1hr 16min: Reporting

1hr 20min: Wrapup + general admin functions


Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.