Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Adding an extra layer of defence when signing in to your accounts is always a good idea.  Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA) has become increasingly necessary because data breaches and hacks are now a widespread, daily occurrence for both individuals and organizations.  In ControlMap, you can enable two-factor authentication to receive a separate, one-time code from Google Authenticator to verify your identity every time you log in, which greatly decreases the likelihood of a bad actor gaining access to your account.  

Enrolling in 2FA

1. Select the user menu icon in the upper right corner of the page, and then click "My Profile" from the dropdown menu.



2. Once you're in the My Profile section, select My 2FA Settings and then click the checkbox next to Enroll in 2FA in the subsequent sidebar menu.






3. Download the Google Authenticator app (instructions for this via Google can be found here). Once you have the app installed, scan the QR code to receive your verification code and then enable 2FA by selecting Enable.  If you'd like to disable 2FA in the future, just unselect the Enroll in 2FA checkbox referenced on Step 2 and you won't be prompted for a verification code.

4. With verification enabled, you will sign in with your username and password and then be prompted to enter the code from Google Authenticator.  Enter the code and select Verify to complete the login process.  Verification codes are generated by Google Authenticator, not our system.  



Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.