Importing Risk Sets

Overview of Risks Sets:


Creating a Risk Register and regularly performing a risk assessment is an integral part of a cybersecurity compliance program.


Starting from a pre-built set of risks or risk library can be very helpful in working through the risk assessment process. That is because the most common sets of risks are useful across almost all organizations and to help improve your risk assessment project ControlMap has pre-loaded 4 risk sets into the ControlMap hosted risk register.


You still will need to go through the Risk Assessment process, review and score the risks within each risk set along with adding new risks that are specific to your organization. Our hope in using ControlMap's pre-built risk sets is that your risk assessment process will be a lot faster and optimized allowing you to spend more time scoring, categorizing and mitigating risks and less time typing when starting from scratch.


Four risk sets to choose from:


You now have 4 risk sets to choose from. You can preview risks by clicking on "View Risks" or import them with the import button. Use one or more risk sets and mix match as needed.

  1. Common Risks
    1. The most common set of risks that apply to most companies
  2. Cloud Risks
    1. Risks that apply to cloud services and infrastructure such as AWS or Azure
  3. APP & API Dev Risks
    1. Risks associated with developing or hosting software including the OWASP Top 10
  4. Up and Coming Risks
    1. Less common risks that may be trending or on the rise





A video tutorial on importing risk sets: