Integration with Lifecycle Manager (ScalePad)

About this integration

ControlMap can now ingest data from over 20 RMM and PSA systems by leveraging ScalePad’s robust integrations with 100s of MSP tools and services.



This integration will enable automatically bringing over companies from PSA systems into ControlMap and ingesting asset details while verifying security controls (wherever supported or available in the RMM system) for each company’s asset. The controls evaluated and mappings are discussed later.


To use this integration, a ScalePad Free or Pro account is required. You can register here if you already do not have a ScalePad account. You can read more about the supported integrations here.

Connecting ControlMap with ScalePad?

Step 1: Create a ScalePad Lifecycle Manager account (or ensure you already have one)

If you already have an account, skip to Step 3.

Go here to create a new account.

Step 2: Setup your integrations within Lifecycle Manager

Follow the instructions here to create integrations with PSA and RMM systems in your Lifecycle Manager account.

Once the integrations are working and you can see asset data in LM, please return to ControlMap to complete the connection between ControlMap and ScalePad.

Step 3: Connect ControlMap to ScalePad

3.1 Click on the connect button.

3.2 Clicking on the button initiates an authentication flow with ScalePad, and if you are not already logged in, you will be asked to log in.


3.3 After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to set up a schedule for data sync within ControlMap.


Checks, Controls, and Compliance Mappings

The integration currently performs the following checks and maps them to compliance requirements (i.e., CIS). These checks only fetch data and are supported in ControlMap only if the related RMM tool supports these checks.

  1. Antivirus is enabled on all workstations. (Applies to CIS v8 10.1, CIS v8 10.2)
  2. Latest patches are up to date.  (Applies to CIS v8 7.3, CIS v8 7.4). Coming Soon
  3. Warranties if applicable are not expired.  (Applies to CIS v8 10.1, CIS v8 10.2)
  4. More security checks are coming soon.