Integration with ConnectSecure (CyberCNS)


About this integration

ControlMap connects to the ConnectSecure vulnerability scanner to fetch the list of

- Companies

- Assets

- Vulnerabilities

- Security metrics of the assets collected


How to Connect

ControlMap requires the following to connect to ConnectSecure APIs. 

- Base URL

- Tenant Name

- Client ID

- Client Secret


Please follow the steps below to connect to ConnectSecure.


1. Getting Base URL & Tenant ID


Tenant Name is the name you use to connect to your CyberCNS portal 

ConnectSecure Base URL is the domain part of the URL you use for your Connect Secure Portal. 

for example in the figure below



You can also capture the Base URL & the Tenant Name from the getting started screen 


2. Get client ID and secret

From the Getting Started screen, go to the Manage Users screen


On the Users screen, for an existing admin, go to the API key and capture the Client ID and Client Secret details


Record the Client ID and Client Secret.