Integration with ThreatMate

About this integration

ControlMap connects to ThreatMate's API to fetch:

- Companies

- Assets

- Vulnerabilities

- Compliance Checks


How to Connect

ControlMap requires the following to connect to ThreatMate APIs: 

- User/Service account configured with access to ThreatMate API

- User/Service Account Username / Password


How to configure ThreatMate API user (service account)

Create a custom user role that includes the following permissions: IAMDiscoveryRead, IAMAgentRead, IAMCloudAccountRead
Permissions for the endpoints being used:
/discoverySummary - IAMDiscoveryRead
/agent-dashboard/legacy-agent - IAMAgentRead
/integration/google/workspace - IAMCloudAccountRead
/integration/google/workspace/{id}/user - IAMCloudAccountRead
/integration/microsoft/integration - IAMCloudAccountRead
/integration/microsoft/integration/{id} - IAMCloudAccountRead
/integration/microsoft/integration/{id}/user - IAMCloudAccountRead
Create a new user, (example: and assign the user the above created user role. This will help ensure the created user will have access to the above endpoints.
image (1).png

image (2).png


What is ThreatMate?

ThreatMate is an advanced attack surface management tool designed to monitor and secure networks from various cybersecurity threats. This comprehensive platform scans both external and internal network environments, including behind the firewall, and extends its monitoring capabilities to cloud services like Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace. ThreatMate identifies security exposures and creates targeted mission plans for vulnerability remediation, ensuring a secure cyber environment across all connected devices and endpoints.


Why integrate ControlMap and ThreatMate?

ThreatMate automatically monitors networks to identify security gaps or vulnerabilities. By bringing this data directly into ControlMap, MSPs have a central portal to manage all of their clients compliance. It removes the need to access multiple systems to monitor compliance status. 

ThreatMate’s compliance agent queries assets and 3rd party SaaS services to collect evidence to enrich vulnerability scans, check for compliance to IT policies including SOC-2, NIST, ISO, and other compliance schema. By integrating with ControlMap, this information can be added to evidence in ControlMap to easily demonstrate compliance.


List of Compliance Checks Below: 

Vulnerabilities view: