Users, Roles & Employees in ControlMap

User Overview


Access to your ControlMap Command Center is managed in the Users section of the Settings menu. To add or manage users, select the "Settings" section at the bottom of the sidebar and then select "Users."





Adding and Managing Users


You can add additional users to your Command Center by selecting the "+ Add user" button on the upper right corner of the screen in the Users section, fill out the fields within the Add user pop-up and clicking the Invite button.






If you need to edit a user's information after they've been added, select the vertical 3-dot menu under the Actions column for the associated user and select Edit.  Within the Edit menu, you can modify the user information and select Update User to save your changes.  





Understanding User Roles


Compliance Manager

Compliance managers have overarching access to the system except for account-level resources such as Billing and Subscription Management.


Compliance managers can perform all operations in the system and have access to all modules.

If a user needs access to frameworks, controls, risks, policies, etc., they should contact the Super Admin of the Command Center. 



The contributor role is meant for certain users to contribute only to a limited number of multiple policies, evidence, risks or controls.  Contributors can View, Edit, and Add content in ControlMap to what they are assigned.



Figure: Limited Contributor View


For example, if a contributor is assigned to a policy, that contributor can only view and edit that policy in their view.  In general, Contributors cannot delete content in the Command Center.



The Auditor role is for the purpose of auditing only. These users have restricted permissions to the audit data shared with them in the Audits section. 


Super Admin

Super Admin is assigned to a single user in the organization and manages the subscription and relationship with ControlMap.


Compliance Portal User

The Compliance Portal User is used for end user to provide access to the My Compliance dashboard for employees. My Compliance is a place for users to review and acknowledge company policies along with other onboarding or annual employee compliance tasks. 


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