Automating your compliance operations

Why automation?  

You can save hundreds of hours of manual work every month collecting, managing, and maintaining evidence that you will be required to maintain for SOC 2, ISO 27001 by connecting ControlMap to tools and services in your company where the evidence lives.


Which systems can ControlMap automatically collect evidence from 


ControlMap collects evidence from 

  1. Cloud Infrastructures such as AWS and Azure
  2. Source control such as Bitbucket, GitHub
  3. Identity systems such as Google Workspace, Microsoft AD
  4. HR systems such Bamboo HR, ADP, Gusto, etc
  5. RMM systems such as Microsoft Intune, AutoTask
  6. Project management tools such as JIRA


ControlMap connects to over 25 applications to collect evidence. For a complete list of support, systems refer to the Integrations


How much automation can I achieve?


The ideal answer would be 100% but every company is different and their systems, processes, and tools are different. 

As a rule of thumb, you should definitely target to automate 

- Evidence collection from cloud infrastructure

- HR systems 

- Identity management system (Google, AD, etc)

- RMM systems to collect endpoint data


There still will be policies, procedures, and other enterprise documents which will be required to be set up as evidence. You can set these documents to be refreshed periodically by setting a refresh schedule in ControlMap.