Syncing Employee / HR system with ControlMap

Why connect your HR system to ControlMap


A large number of evidence requests from the auditors for SOC 2 audits or for ISO 27001 certifications are related to the status, access, and onboarding, and offboarding of employees, contractors, and other personnel.


HR integration helps you collect the relevant details about employees in ControlMap so that during audits, you don't have to go looking for employee and personnel lists.


Once you connect your HR system to ControlMap you can sync the following for each person in your organization 

- Employee name 

- Employee email

- Employment Status

- Termination date (If terminated)


This information can be set to be refreshed daily or weekly.


Other benefits of connecting your HR system to ControlMap


1. HR integration will enable you to track the onboarding and offboarding status of new employees or terminated employees based on the terminated date or the date they are first detected in the feed.

2. Once the integration is enabled, ControlMap can issue requests and alerts to the employees to acknowledge and track read receipts for important policies.


Do I have to connect my HR system?


No. IT is not mandatory but highly recommended. For companies with less than 25 employees, a one-time upload of a spreadsheet and then a manual addition/termination of employees work just fine.


Also for very large employees with complex onboarding and termination workflows, the onboarding and offboarding controls can be directly assigned to HR control owners. The HR control owners are regularly reminded of their assurance duties and controlmap can track those assurances.