What are Procedures?

Your internal procedures are where your controls and policies meet the road, so to speak. They turn directives into step-by step processes that ensure the intended security goals are met.  Since these are unique to every organization, and a critical function of every managerial position, ControlMap gives companies a blank slate to build out their procedures structure in a single, organized location.





Create your first Procedure


1. Go to Procedures

2. Click on the Create Procedure button

3. Provide required details and click Save.

4. Go to the Procedures page to view the list of available Procedures.




Adding more Procedures


  1. Click on Actions
  2. Click on New Procedure
  3. Fill out the required Procedure Name and Description




Managing Procedures

Once you've created your procedures, it's simple to manage them. Click on the Title to see the procedure details.




Here, you can update the work-in-progress status of the procedure document, add documents from outside sources, assign ownership of the document, specify the team with the proper competency, and delegate approval to the right manager.


You can also add dates for automated review notification to assignees, along with tags for ease of search.