The Evidence tab is used to manage evidence and evidence requests that link to controls. Evidence can also be linked and created directly within a Control. An example of evidence that would link to a control would be something that proves the control was adhered to, such as background check procedure for a control that requires background checks. An evidence request may come during audit that requests a sample of these background checks to be provided to the auditor to prove that the control was adhered to.



Evidence page when you first start - without importing Controls



When Controls have been implemented


1. Go to Evidence

2. View the list of all available Evidences in Evidence Library Screen

3. Click on Add Evidence, to reveal your evidence creation options.

    a. Manual evidence collection - create evidence by manually typing in a set of fields, then assign to team members for gathering 

    b. Automatically from systems - leverage our API integrations to automatically pull in sets of evidence

    c. Upload from File - Choose a flat file to Upload

        (1) Map the fields from uploaded data to relevant data request attributes, and Click Next.

        (2) Click Start Import once appropriate mapping is done. You must provide the required mapping.