Connecting to Google Drive for evidence

What does this connector do?

This connector integrates with Google Drive to access files, and utilize them as evidence for specified controls.


What do you need?

1. A Google user account

Required to connect to Google Drive. This Google account must have at least read and download permissions on the folder you want to connect.


2. Folder from which you want to get files as evidence




1. This connector only shows files that are direct children of the provided folder. At this time, the connector does not drill down files into child folders and fetch files.

2. The folder must be shared with the google account used for creating a connection.

3. This connector connects to Google Drive using the credentials of the user, which is used in Step 1. It's recommended to create a shared user with limited permissions if you want to restrict what this user can do. Google requires that whichever user you use, that user must have logged in at least once to its google account online.