Connecting to your HR systems

How does ControlMap connect to your HR system? 


HR systems come in different shapes and sizes, and as you probably are aware, there are numerous popular HR systems in the industry today. To ensure connectivity to an HR system of our customer's choice, ControlMap partnered with an HR API aggregator company, Finch, to connect to different HR systems. 

You can read more about Finch here and more here. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you need more information about Finch.


Using Finch's service ControlMap is able to connect to the following HR systems.


  1. ADP Workforce Now
  2. Bamboo HR
  3. Bob (HiBob)
  4. Gusto
  5. Insperity
  6. Justworks
  7. Namely
  8. Paychex Flex
  9. Paycom
  10. Paylocity
  11. QuickBooks Payroll
  12.  Rippling
  13. Run Powered by ADP
  14. Square Payroll
  15. TriNet
  16. UltiPro (UKG Pro)
  17.  Workday
  18.  Zenefits


What data does ControlMap collect? 


ControlMap collects the following data 


1. Employee full name

2. Employee status

3. Employee email

4. Employment start date 

5. Employment end date