Connecting to BambooHR

1. Create an access level for ControlMap Integration


ControlMap uses API keys created by a non-employee user with custom access level to create reports and get the following employee fields for all employees. 

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Work Email
  4. Department 
  5. HireDate
  6. Termination Date
  7. Status  


Steps to setup the access level


1.1 Login as an Admin user in BambooHR

1.2 Click on the COG settings icon on the top right and go to Account > Access Levels

1.3 Add a new Custom Access Level




1.4 Give the name as ControlMap Integration Access and click NEXT

1.5 To give access to reports, Select Reports, select the check box Create New Reports and click NEXT


1.6 Ensure that this view access is provided to All Employees



1.7 Select the following fields and add view-only permission 


  • Personal > Basic Info > First Name
  • Personal > Basic Info > Last Name
  • Personal > Contact > Work Email
  • Job> Hire Date
  • Job > Employment Status: Date 
  • Job > Employment Status





2. Create a non-employee user and assign this user to the custom access level


2.1 From the Access Levels screen, select the ControlMap Integration Access and use the cog/settings icon on the top right to Add a Non-Employee Bamboo HR User



2.2 As you create the user, select the Custom Level for Integration you created in the previous step. Ensure you provide a valid email because login instructions will be sent to that email.




3. Create API Keys for the non-employee user


Once the user is activated, log in with the non-employee user account and create API Keys. You will use these API Keys within ControlMap to access employee information.


The API Key is only visible once, so copy it.