Asana Connector

What does this connector do?

Asana connector fetches a project's tasks in real-time and links them as evidence to one or more controls in ControlMap.


Connecting to Asana


Step 1 - Authenticate / Authorize Asana

You can connect to Asana with any user who has at least read permissions on the project from which you want to fetch Tasks. You can start the connection by clicking on the Connect button and then following the prompts on the screen.



Step 2 - Select Workspace and project 

Once connected to Asana, you must select a Workspace and a Project from which you want to fetch Tasks. 



Step 3 - Preview & Verify the tasks

Preview the tasks and verify that you see the tasks you are expecting to link as evidence 



Step 4 - Link to Controls

Use the search and add a link to link the issues to Controls.