Office 365 Connector

Please Note: Azure AD License prerequisites for this connector to fetch User's MFA information.

There are specific requirements for Microsoft API to fetch MFA information. READ  on Microsoft Azure's website here


To get the MFA information, please enable a P1 or P2 license and then give at least 72 hours for the MFA reports to be generated. At that time, ControlMap will start syncing the information from AD.




The connector uses READ ONLY connection to your MS Office 365 environment to fetch the list of users at periodic intervals. The connector requires the TENANT ID of your MS Office 365 environment to connect and authorize.


How to find the TENANT Id?


Tenant's Ids can be gotten from the properties page of your active directory admin page.


Your Microsoft 365 tenant ID is a globally unique identifier (GUID) different from your organization name or domain. 

  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure as an administrator.
  2. In the Microsoft Azure portal, click Azure Active Directory.
  3. Under Manage, click Properties. The tenant ID is shown in the Directory ID box.





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