Connecting to JIRA [to fetch tickets]

What does this connector do? 

ControlMap's JIRA Issues connector fetches issues from JIRA in real time and attaches that list of issues as evidence to controls in ControlMap. 

This connector comes in handy for Change Management controls and Incident Response controls when the issues are tracked in JIRA, and the list of tickets is to be provided as evidence.  


Configuring this connector 

To connect  ControlMap to JIRA and pull issues from JIRA in realtime follow these steps 

Step 1. Connect to JIRA

Initiate connection to JIRA by clicking on Connect To JIRA button. 

This will start the OAuth 2 authentication flow. Follow the prompts on your screen and authorize ControlMap to access your JIRA account on your behalf.




2. Provide a search query  for issues in JQL (Jira Query Language) format 

Once the connection is successful, provide the search query for fetching the JIRA issues you want to add as evidence.


How to get a search query in JQL (Jira Query Language) format

1. Login to your JIRA cloud environment 

2. Once logged in, click on the search box at the top right of your screen.




3. Once the search drop-down expands, at the bottom of the dropdown, click on the link to go to all issues. 




4. On the All Issues Search screen, search and filter the issues you want to be available to the ControlMap connector as evidence. 




5. Once you have filtered the issues you want to display as evidence,  click on the Switch to JQL link.  




6. Copy the JQL query   



Step 3 - Configure search query and preview results. 

Paste this query in the JIRA Search Query box in ControlMap. Click on preview results to verify that the issues are being fetched by ControlMap.



Step 4 - Attach the issues to controls. 

Use the search and add a link to link the issues to Controls.



Step 5 - Visit the control page to validate that the evidence is showing up. 

For one of the linked control, you should be able to see the attached tickets under evidence as below.