Connect to Azure Devops

What does this connector do?

ControlMap's Azure DevOps connector collects information about who has access and whether MFA is turned on for those users.

The following checks are performed by this connector

1. List of users in Azure DEV OPs

2. List of admin users 

3. MFA status of all users


Connecting to Azure DevOps

You can connect to Azure DevOps by clicking on Connect to Azure DevOps button. The system will take you through an authentication and authorization flow.  

To successfully connect to the DevOps environment, you will be asked to provide the following READ authorizations for ControlMap to your DevOps environment.  

  1. Grants the ability to read your profile, accounts, collections, projects, teams, and other top-level organizational artifacts.
  2. Grants the ability to read user, group, scope, and group membership information and to add users, groups, and manage group memberships
  3. Grants the ability to read users, their licenses, as well as projects and extensions they can access