Connecting to CHECKR for background checks

What does this connector do?


ControlMap connects to your CHECKR account to fetch background check information for candidates in your CHECKR account. ControlMap finds all candidates in your CHECKR account, checks for the status of background checks, and captures the results of those checks.

ControlMap also cross-links candidates in your Checkr account to employees/people in the ControlMap instance if a matching email is found. This also ensures that the latest background check status for an employee is captured as evidence in ControlMap.

Please note that if your company has a new CHECKR account or signing up for a new CHECKR account, then your account must be credentialed by Checkr’s Customer Success team before they will be allowed to request background checks. 


How to connect?

Login to your ControlMap instance and browse to Integrations > + Integration (Button) > Background Checks> Checkr > Click on Connect.



Click on Connect to Checkr



ControlMap uses OAUTH to connect to CHECKR account. During the OAUTH process, you will be asked to sign in to your company's CHECKR account and authorize ControlMap to READ candidate data and the results of their background checks. 




Once you are connected and signed in, you will be brought back to ControlMap, where you can select the schedule for weekly (Recommended) or daily sync.





Based on the schedule, ControlMap will scan your CHECK account and update ControlMap with relevant information,


Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.