Integrating with Slack

ControlMap allows you to integrate with Slack to make compliance checks and access reviews significantly easier.  


1. Select the Connect button under Slack User Access within the Email & Collaboration section of the Integrations tab.  Then select Connect to Slack on the next page.




2. Select Allow on the subsequent page to allow ControlMap Access Checker to view your employees and their email addresses within your organization's Slack account.



3. After connecting, you'll be redirected to the Checks section of the integration.  You can enable/disable the checks performed on this page by toggling the switches within the Enable column.  Select the Next button to continue.




4. The Schedule section lets you modify how frequently our system performs checks or scans on your organization's Slack account.  Once you've made your selections, select Save Schedule or Save & Scan Now to complete the integration.




Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.