Connecting to ZOHO People (HR)

ControlMap connects to ZOHO People (HR) to collect employee and people data and populate the People Directory.


The first step to connecting to Zoho People is identifying the data center where your company's People data is hosted. 

In cases where people's data is spread across multiple geographies, a different integration connection is required for each data center.


#1 Select the data center on the ZOHO connection screen.


#2. On selection of the data center, you will be redirected to enter your credentials with at least READ ONLY admin permissions. Enter your credentials for Zoho people.




#3.  Authorize ControlMap to your Zoho environment. The Zoho user you are connecting with should have privileges to authorize ControlMap to read people's information.




#4. After a successful connection, set a schedule for regular sync of people's data into ControlMap.