AZURE BL 1-5 Virtual machines use managed disks


One or more virtual machines are attached to unmanaged disks. Azure-managed disks are block-level storage volumes that are maintained by Azure and designed for 99.999% availability. A managed disk deploys pre-encrypted on the underlying hardware, so no additional encryption is required for basic protection (though it is available if desired). Use managed disks on your virtual machines for improved data resiliency.


Suggested Action

Configure Azure Virtual Machines with managed disks.


Remediation Steps

  1. Login to Azure Portal.
  2. Using the search feature, go to Virtual Machines.
  3. Select the virtual machine you would like to convert.
  4. Select Disks in the menu for the VM.
  5. At the top select Migrate to manage disks.
  6. Follow the prompts to convert the disk and finish by selecting 'Migrate' to start the process.


More information about managed disks can be followed here