Account Settings


When onboarding or offboarding employees, it is important to make sure you have a process in place to ensure that all tasks are completed. This is where account settings come to fruition.


Onboarding & Offboarding


Tasks - Tasks are items that users must acknowledge that they have completed. For example "Acknowledge that you have read mandatory policies". 

Mandatory Policies - Mandatory Policies are policies that users must read and acknowledge. By default this list is empty, however you can click + Add Policy and select from a list of Policies. Read Policies for more information.


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Once satisfied with your Onboarding tasks and policies, navigate to the People section assign a group to each user. Once a group has been assigned, click the ellipsis for a user and click Enable My Compliance. The user will then receive an email to complete their Tasks and Mandatory Policies.



Tasks - Tasks can be assigned to an Offboarding checklist. These tasks are items that must be completed when a user leaves the company. Offboarding tasks need to be manually completed.



The Departments section allows you to Add and configure the departments you have at your company. Once you have configured the Departments relevant to your company, you can navigate to the People section, and assign users to their respective department. You can also assign users from Settings -> Users to departments.

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