Vendor Settings


It is important to ensure that the vendors you are working with are meeting compliance requirements in order for your business to be complaint. The Vendors settings allows you to configure your own custom Risk Assessment Questionnaire and update the Risk Assessment Emails.


Risk Assessment Questionnaire

When navigating to Settings -> Risk Assessment Questionnaire, you will see that there is a Default Risk Assessment questionnaire. 

Clicking on the three dots will provide three options.

  • Edit - Edit the name or description of the questionnaire
  • Delete - Allows you to delete the questionnaire (You cannot delete the default questionnaire)
  • Upload - Allows you to upload questions to the questionnaire

Clicking on the name of the Risk Assessment will allow you to see the default questions, category and Risk Level for the questions. You can Edit or Delete individual questions from the three dots next to the question. Clicking the Actions button will allow you to add additional questions manually.


To Create a new questionnaire click the New Questionnaire button in the top right corner. Provide a name and description for the questionnaire and either create the blank questionnaire, or proceed to uploading questions. 


When uploading questions, you will be able to download a Sample CSV File. Fill that out and upload to import the questionnaire.


Risk Assessment Emails

Sender Emails

Configuring the Sender Emails allows you to customize which email address emails for Risk Assessments will come from. Be sure to follow the guidance on the Sender Emails page to ensure email deliverability.


Risk Assessment

You can customize the email formatting that will be sent when creating Vendor Risk Assessments. This allows you to add any additional information the vendor may need to complete the risk assessment.



You can customize the reminder emails that are sent and update the frequency at which reminder emails will be sent. 


Any questions? Reach out to our friendly, neighborhood support team by submitting a support ticket.