Trust Pages Settings


Within ControlMap settings you can configure your Non Disclosure Agreement details. Update Notification settings for requests to your Trust Pages, as well as configure settings for what documents are allowed to be used within Trust Pages.


Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Within Settings Non disclosure agreement (NDA) page, you will see that there is a basic NDA provided. It is recommended to review and replace the following terms and conditions with your Company's NDA terms. The default terms and conditions provided by ControlMap are there for you to get started, and must be reviewed by your own legal team.



When trust pages have been published, it is recommended to add users to the Notification section. This will notify the desired users when someone has requested access to the trust pages, allowing them to grant access.


Enable Draft Sharing

If you enable draft sharing, you will be able to add Policies and Procedures to the trust pages while they are still in review and have not yet been approved. By default ControlMap only allows you to share latest version of approved policies and procedures.