Connecting to Auvik


The Auvik integration will pull Devices from Auvik into ControlMap.


Generating Auvik API Keys

  1. The Auvik Integration requires an Email address, API key, and Account Region for authentication.
    1. The Account Region can be identified by the URL to access your Auvik instance. For example if your Auvik URL is you will select Account Region "US East (US1 - North Virginia)" from the dropdown.
  2. Ensure you have an API Access Only Role.
  3. Create a new user with the API Access Only Role.
  4. Generate an API Key.
  5. Note the details for use within ControlMap.

Connect the Integration

  1. Within your ControlMap tenant navigate to Integrations.
  2. Find Auvik in the Asset Management section and click Connect.
  3. Enter the required details gathered in previous section and click Connect.
  4. Confirm the checks you want completed.
  5. Add any required watchers.
  6. Confirm the integration sync schedule and complete the integration connection.